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  1. Helirännak x Sound Journey – Paide

    Wednesday, February 28 @ 19:00 - 20:30


Sound Journey

What is the Sound Journey? Sound Journey is an introspective therapy method with sounds. The goal of the therapy is to have a better understanding or comprehension, but also to relax, feel the calmness and recreation. The participants on the journey will be lying down on the mat and allow the sounds to go deep into themselves. During the journey the time stops, the body and mind stays in deep meditation. Sounds are created with unique vocals, drums, rattles, bells and other instruments. Trusting participants and practitioners a unique and healing journey takes place. Why is the Sound Journey an important and powerful experience? If we allow ourselves to travel in our inner cosmos and set ourselves to feel free by trusting the process you will be able to notice the feelings and emotions you want to emerge. The journey is powerful tool for participants to notice what can be released and emptied out. According to everyone's nature, earthly experiences, pleasures, but also fears. During this journey, you will experience calmness, full relaxation, healing vibration from the sounds. You will be able to observe and recognize, in a safe environment, what needs your attention today, so that you could flourish and use your full potential.






Sound therapy

Sounds are one of the most powerful therapies. Their therapeutic and curative effects have been used to prevent and heal the diseases for centuries. Energy exchange fee 45 EUR/ 1,5 hours.

Healing session

Knowledge and awareness combine their power, in cooperation with your body, to be able to understand what your body needs right now. Session starts with a conversation and continues with different exercises and rituals. Energy exchange fee 45 EUR/ 1,5 hours.


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